Filming in Western Australia for The Great Escape

Filming for The Great Escape is always a wild adventure.

Flying direct from Vancouver to Brisbane to Perth to Broome in one hit. I found myself onboard what I would consider Australia’s most incredible catamaran.

With barely a wink of sleep, I spent a day on the boat interviewing some of the staff before returning back to Broome. Most importantly the purpose of this job is to make a film to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the company. The schedule was 18 interviews in a week across the entire state of Western Australia.

After our day of filming on the boat, we woke at 5 am to charter a flight from Broome to Kununurra, a remote aboriginal community in the Kimberly. The flight was magnificent. We flew over the top of the archipelago, past reefs and canyons. And, we were greeted by the most wonderful artist in Kununurra. They told us stories of their dreaming and art. The Great Escape has been fostering a strong relationship with this mob for the last 20 years. And their strong relationship is certainly obvious.

That evening we returned to Broome and I basically organised myself for the following day. Originally this was a flight back down to Perth to visit and interview more of the people who influenced the creating and success of the business. Little did I know that our trip was going to be chartered by our own private jet! Zip and Zap damn that thing was quick. With the help of our friends ‘in high places’ we circumnavigated Perth, Albany, Busselton in a matter of moments. As a result, it took us longer to do the interviews than it did to travel from place to place.

It was a truly amazing gig and an absolute highlight of the year. Thank you to the team at The Great Escape I can’t wait to share the documentary film with you in January 2019



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