Eight years ago, renowned Australian Aboriginal artist Regina Pilawuk Wilson was introduced to filmmaker, Cassie De Colling and their years-long friendship began.

Regina invited Cassie to travel with her across the country and the globe, to capture both the significant and everyday moments of her life. From the Australian outback to prominent galleries in Washington D.C, Regina Pilawuk Wilson is a glimpse into the relationship between Australian Indigenous artists and the blossoming contemporary art scene.

Regina Pilawuk Wilson invites viewers to sit amidst the threads of Regina’s artwork The film is a look into Regina’s friendships, traditional knowledge and contemporary Indigenous culture.

Directors Statement

The approach of this documentary is a combination of biography and memoir, a glimpse into the great artist and matriarch’s life, as well as the impact she had on me.

The film developed on our travels together. Regina would call me to travel across the country and the world with her, to capture moments in her life. With more than 40 hours of footage, we condensed it down to the most important moments Regina and I wanted to share.

Inspired by films such as Camera Person and Hale County, good morning, good evening, each scene is edited to place viewers in my shoes, so they could experience things authentically as they unfold. Having spent more time with Regina than my biological


Producer: Cassie De Colling and Regina Pilawuk Wilson
Directors: Cassie De Colling and Regina Pilawuk Wilson
Writers: Hannah Dougherty and Regina Pilawuk Wilson
Editor: Hannah Dougherty
Assistant Editor: Kelsey McGowan
Composer: Wil Hughs
Sound Design and Mix: Joseph Dutaillis