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I travelled to northern Alberta to shoot some stills and video for Canadian company Shakti Reforestation. Forestry is something I had not given much thought to previously. But, coming here made me realise it’s an industry that trickles into so many aspects of society, infrastructure and the global economy. Every year in millions of pinecones are picked and delivered to nurseries. The seeds are germinated over the fall, and in the protected nursery the trees grow to saplings. In the winter the saplings freeze in subzero temperatures of the climate. Maybe this prepares them for harsh life ahead.  By the spring and summer, they thaw out and are ready to be planted.

In CanadaTree Planting is a ‘write of passage’ for many. It has its very own subculture of people who will live in the bush in camps in the summer months and plant as many trees as they can.

One of the joys of my job as a filmmaker is I am exposed to so many unique people and different ways of life. Having a glimpse into the world of others is always so interesting.


Collecting pinecones:

A helicopter ‘tops’ the trees. It circles a plot of land removing the tip of the tree it then carries this back to a patch of land where the pinecone collectors sort through.

Inside the nursery:

Millions of trees are germinated and are growing in time before the winter freeze.

For more information see

Shakti Reforestation 


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