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Allie is a true Australian story about recovery from illness and survival with a challenging condition.
Sheet-metal worker and car enthusiast Bob has spent a lifetime rebuilding iconic Australian cars. One day everything stops and a heart-attack changes his life dramatically. Allie teaches Bob the simple philosophy of happiness beyond recovery.


I first met Bob about 2 years ago at the Northern Gal car show in Preston, which I randomly stumbled across in my 78 Kingswood station wagon. I was at the time having some trouble with my starter motor and from recollection, Bob offered to have a look at it the following day.

His invitation was genuine and so I decided to take my car around to his house. When I arrived he was in the garage tinkering on his car. Together we put my car on a hoist we changed the starter motor. It took us all afternoon, but he wasn’t phased.
It was at this time we shared some stories and he told me about his partner Chris and her daughter Allie. Who at the time was having a nap but soon came out to say hi. That was the first time I met her and I was just drawn to her like a magnetic ray of sunshine. She just has that charisma about her.

From that time Bob and I kept in touch about cars, parts and car shows. And, thus became friends. In the back of my head, the narrative of Bob’s story unfolded and I felt compelled to use this opportunity as a filmmaker to give a voice to a story of an unlikely family who has become very close to my heart.

This film is about Bob and Allie. But most of all I would like to dedicate this film to Allie’s mum Chris.

2019 Tropfest 3rd Place
2019 St Kilda International Film Festival
2019 International Motor Film Awards UK

Production Company: Monster and Bear
Producers: Jess Galea + Sarah Hickey
Director: Cassie De Colling
Cinematography: David Franjic
Lighting: Savage Films + Candy Day
Sound recordist: Hassan Larech
Post Production: The Editors
Editor: Grace Eyre
Colour: Sam McCarthey
Post Sound: Tim McCormick

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