World Beaters BBC Sport

Film Story

So great to see the BBC have gotten behind women in sport in a big way!
As part of their ongoing campaign to get girls more coverage, they put together ‘World Beaters’ a series of mini-docs profiling athletes and some of the acute hurdles they have overcome on their journey to the world stage.

I was commissioned to team up with England netball star Geva Mentor in Australia. In one fast-paced afternoon between training and appointments, we interviewed and filmed this piece Geva reveals how she faced the breakdown of her marriage, whilst competing for Commonwealth Games victory.
We used one of my favourite tools the ‘Errol Morris’ aka Eyeline Direct method to create a personal edge to the storytelling by having the eye line direct to camera.

Production Company: BBC Sport UK
Creative Director / Producer: Tom Pelly
Director: Cassie De Colling
Cinematographer: Chris Kirkham
Post: BBC UK