Cassie is an award-winning Australian director with a knack for impact-driven storytelling. She works around the world on projects spanning across documentary, advertising, and VR.

Collaborating with brands, agencies, and production companies, as well as museums and magazine platforms to deliver stunning content.

Her passion for filmmaking combined with a love for adventure has led her to work in some of the most extreme environments in the world; from snowboarding films on the belt of the Himalayas, to capturing Ultra-marathons in dense jungles of south-east Asia, discovering untold stories in remote Australian indigenous communities, and scuba diving uncharted waters in the Pacific and Indian oceans.

With a background in cinematography, she is a versatile director who can also shoot. Depending on the needs of the brief, Cassie can adapt to work solo as a director / DP or upscale to lead a full commercial production team.

Cassie strives to push boundaries of innovation and cinematography, exploring new technologies to blend progressive aesthetics to her work. More than just pretty pictures, her creative process is driven by investigating story through the lens of her characters, carefully layering narrative disposition to capture head turning content.

When she isn’t working on a commercial brief she is chipping away at a handful of side-projects from documentaries, VR experiences and cinematic concepts.

Cassie’s approach is meaningful, brave and reflective. Creating cinematic films that inspire contemplation and connect us to new perspectives.

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