All we have is the power of one, but we all have it. 
- Alexandra Morton

For the last 4 years, Sea Shepherd has been working to protect the Wild Salmon population in British Columbia, Canada. There's more to meets the eye when it comes to Salmon, sadly we are not only facing the extinction of this keystone species in the wild but everything that depends on it. 
I was invited by the Sea Sheperd team and the Kwakwa̱ka̱ʼwakw peoples to help document the devastating impact of Fish Farms as part of a larger scale documentary.  
When I saw the Fish Farms I was horrified. Then I learnt how dangerous these farms are... not only are they breeding grounds for disease and virus's they drastically impact the environment that they exist in. There are many layers to the problem. But what I learnt was that if we were to foster the local fish stocks, it would quickly thrive - creating enough food for us humans and the animals who depend on it.

I was truly inspired by the relentless work of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.  This film is a tribute to the dedicated crew of the RV Martin Sheen. I am immensely proud to share this film and look forward to sharing the larger documentary project in the future. 

Director / Producer - Cassie De Colling
Cinematography - Clancy Walker, Ruby Kammoora, Tavish Campbell, Cassie De Colling 
Drone - Tavish Campbell, Cassie De Colling
Post Production - Tim Saylor Creative