Beneath the Boarder - DOCUMENTARY FEATURE


Beneath The Boarder is a documentary film that follows the life of a young Kashmiri boy, Raja Khan and the changes he faces as his home transforms from a wartorn village to booming backcountry ski town. 
Raja lives with his family in the mountains of Kashmir, five kilometres from the disputed Line of Control and between the Indian and Pakistan army. The film explores both the positive and negative influence of tourism in a place affected by poverty and war.

This film was inspired by my short film Line of Control which won the National Geographic Adventure Filmmaker Scholarship. It was then re-cut into two other films Iron Khan and Gulmarg - Paradise On Earth. 

Producers - Cassie De Colling + Tamie Wexler
Director - Cassie De Colling
Cinematography - Cassie De Colling + Jason Hancox + David Pavlich
Post Production - Nalu Productions + Ben Hall

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