Well, we all know that behind every great action hero, is an equally savvy woman. Sometimes she’s the more efficient one; the one that thinks well on her feet and is able to improvise when the tried and true ways just aren’t working. I love this dynamic, of course. It’s not necessarily a case of having the brains or the brawn. Both the woman and the man are equally capable of racing a motorcycle across the Seine or jumping out of an airplane onto a moving train. At the same time, both are smart enough to disarm a nuclear weapon or open a cryptic lock.

For Infiniti x Yakima, I worked with our co-stars to create these seamless "How To" style films. Doing it their way I worked with our Mr. and Ms. and a little dry matter-of-fact humour to bring each script to life. Standing as equal experts, their informational dialogue bounces back and forth with the edits to create a seamless rhythm clearly showing they know what they are doing. And once you’ve watched these films, so will you.


Talent - Ashley Mova + Iain McDonald

Agency - Designory
Agency Producer: Britt Harvel
Creative Director: Jesse Echon
Copywriter: Edgar Acosta

Production Co - A Common Thread
Producer - Kimberly Estrada
Director - Cassie De Colling
DP - Joe Picard
1st AD - Mariano Andre
Art Director: Secondo Fanola
1st AC - Geoff Sykes
Gaffer - Ira Boyd
Key Grip - Marlow Nunez
HMU - Teddie Bergman
Wardrobe - Alexis Bergens
Location - Kirby Studios
Post - Designory 'In house'