Under The Abaya - UNILEVER


Client - Lux
Agency - Wunderman Thompson
Prod co - Sweet Shop TV
EP - Laura Geagea
Producers - Penny Woo / Catrina Siu / April Lee / Vanessa Thomas
Dir - Cassie De Colling
DP - Richard Kendall (Jeddah) + Peter Richweisz (Bangkok)
Post Production - Wunderman Thompson

Jamie x Heba

Sarah x Emon

Emmy x Naija

This project became my debut of remote directing. On the brink of Covid-19, I flew from Vancouver to Singapore to meet the creative team at Wunderman Thompson. Within days of setting foot on the ground, we were deep in pre-production. With a goal to film in Bangkok and Jeddah simultaneously. Quickly the team at SweetShop built teams in both timezones. 

Working with the creative team and the girls in Bangkok and Jeddah to discover their career goals, personal passions and ambitions for a more equal world. (They didn't know the purpose of the shoot was that they were to be connected with 'someone just like them' on the other side of the world. Using delicate but poignant direction to guide their surprise Zoom conversations we were able to stand back and watch excitedly as natural connections unfolded.