Precious Leader Woman - DOCUMENTARY


Spencer O’Brien was well on her way to becoming the best female snowboarder in the world, but this dream was stolen when Rheumatoid Arthritis set in. Forced to return home after a devastating loss, she rediscovered her First Nations identity in contrast to the commercial world of competitive snowboarding that she had come to learn. With open arms, her community embraced her.

Spencer realized that her two worlds of heritage and Western ideals are not mutually exclusive - creating a catalyst for her return to the mountains. Empowered in spirit, body, and mind Spencer seeks not the glory of the world stage but the untouched peace and purity of snowboarding in the backcountry. Spencer's transformation acts as a road map for both Indigenous youth and Canadians to balance the pressures of competition, equality, and culture in sports.

Production Company - Kiddo
EP's - Leah Nelson + Michael Grand
Producers - Hayley Morin + Mack Stannard
Director - Cassie De Colling
Writer - Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers
Cinematographer - Leo Hoorn
Editor - Dakota Morton

Funded by: Telus Originals
Canadian Broadcast: Telus Optik
US Broadcast: ESPN / TSN

Currently in post-production: May-August 2021
Live: September 2021

More updates to come :)