SHUT OUT - Feature Documentary

Olympian Stephanie Labbé navigates mental health and inequality in soccer. A journey into how depression affects even the untouchable.

Canadian Women's goalkeeper, Stephanie Labbé,​ ​has conquered the world of soccer. Known for her triumphant saves and for advocating for equality, Steph's name is embossed in gold across the biggest tournaments in the world. But behind the stadium lights is her reality.​ ​Steph is ready to open up about how her rise to the top wasn't as her fans would assume.​ ​ Shut Out is an eye-opening story ​of​ Steph's internal and external journey, revealing how mental health can affect even those we deem untouchable.

a TELUSoriginals film. Releasing August 2023 

DIRECTED BY - Cassie De Colling
PRODUCED BY - Wallop Film
WRITER - Andrea Wing
EDITOR - Coline Debray